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Riptide, Vol. 1
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Hot Chocolate Melodies
Treading Water

Riptide, Vol. 1 (2014)

Recorded during the Summer of 2012, Riptide, Vol. 1 follows Accent into a “live in studio” style album. Without heavy processing or production, the first installment of the Riptide series shows Accent in a natural light, singing as they would at an intimate concert setting. Riptide, Vol. 1 was recorded and mixed by Wellspring Sound in Acton, MA.

Riptide V1 Cover
Released: September 1, 2014

Love You Madly
Originally by Cake
Arranged by Dave Raiser and Hannah Shealy
Solo by Connor Keane

Carry On Wayward Son
Originally by Kansas
Arranged by Andrew DiMartino and Grant Sorbo
Solos by Grant Sorbo and Adam Blake

Set Fire to the Rain
Originally by Adele
Arranged by Jonathan Sparks
Solo by Monica Driscoll

Originally by Toto
Arranged by Michael Wright
Solo by Sam Termine

Shark in the Water
Originally by V.V. Brown
Arranged by John Roach
Solo by Katie O’Brien

Born This Way
Originally by Lady Gaga
Arranged by Tom Anderson
Solo by Hannah Weiss

Under Pressure
Originally by Queen, David Bowie
Arranged by Accent A Cappella
Solos by The Class of 2012 (Adam Blake, Sean Brodeur, Kaitlin McPhee, Katie O’Brien, Lainie Oshlag)

All I Want For Christmas Is You (2013)

All I Want For Christmas Is You is Accent’s first self-recorded track. In a last-minute decision, the group decided to record the new Christmas song in Grant Sorbo’s basement over the weekend of December 13. Over the next few days, Dan Beckham and Grant Sorbo edited and mixed the track, releasing it on iTunes the following week.

Released: December 18, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is You
Originally by Mariah Carey
Arranged by Amy Howe, Shawn Pearce
Solos by The Class of 2014 (Katie Baldwin, Dan Beckham, Monica Driscoll, Alex Globerson, Rebecca Kline, Grant Sorbo, Sam Termine)

Hot Chocolate Melodies (2011)

Accent recorded their holiday repertoire, with the help of Peter Kontrimas, at the Sudbury United Methodist Church in November of 2011. The Church’s acoustics help bring out the natural, sometimes haunting, beauty of these arrangements.

HCM Cover
Released: November 30, 2011

I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Written by Kim Gannon, Walter Kent
Arranged by Michele Weir

Carol of the Bells
Written by M. Leontovich
Arranged by Peter J. Wilhousky

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Arranged by Alice Parker, robert Shaw

Silver Bells
Written by Jay Livingston, Ray Evans
Arranged by Mac Huff

Silent Night
Written by Josef Mohf, Franz GrĂ¼ber
Arranged by Robert Shaw, Alice Parker

Jingle Bell Rock
Written by Joe Beal and Jim Boothe
Arranged by Michele Weir

Ilu Finu
A traditional Hebrew prayer of celebration

O Little Town of Bethlehem
Written by Phillips Brooks, Lewis H. Redner

We Wish You A Merry Christmas
A traditional English Christmas folk song

Treading Water (2009)

Accent recorded their second studio album, Treading Water, in 2009 at Night Train Studios in Westford, MA.

Released: 2009

Originally by Rihanna
Arranged by John Bower

Originally by LMNT
Arranged by John Bower
Solos by John Roach, Hannah Shealy

Helplessly Hoping
Originally by Crosby Stills and Nash
Arranged by Rachel Haberman

Steal My Kisses
Originally by Ben Harper
Arranged by Allie McLellan, Laura Bergstein

Free Falling
Originally by Tom Petty
Arranged by David Slomin
Solo by Brian Pollock

Little Bitty Pretty One
Originally by Robert Byrd
Arranged by Allie McLellan

Love Me Do
Originally by Paul McCartney, John Lennon
Arranged by Allie McLellan

Living on a Prayer
Originally by Bon Jovi
Arranged by A. Doubie

Under Pressure
Originally by Queen, David Bowie
Arranged by Audrey Collins

Aquarium (2006)

Accent recorded their first studio album, Aquarium, in 2006 at Wellspring Sound in Acton, MA.

Released: 2006

Walking on Broken Glass
Originally by Annie Lennox
Arranged by Jack Darcey
Solos by Amanda Casale, Leela Wagner

As I Lay Me Down
Originally by Sophie B. Hawkins
Arranged by Rosenbaum
Solo by Leela Wagner

One By One
Originally by Lebo M. for Broadway’s “The Lion King”
Arranged by John Leavitt
Solo by Rachel Haberman

Originally by Oasis
Arranged by Rachel Haberman
Solos by Jaime Lam, Amanda Casale

Hey Ya!
Originally by OutKast
Arranged by M. Murray
Solo by Ian Sanders-Fleming

Feel Flows
Originally by The Beach Boys
Arranged by Michael Wright
Solo by Lily Diana Karian

Zulu Spiritual Song
Arranged by Jack Darcey
Solo by Jack Darcey

Boys of Summer
Originally by Don Henley
Arranged by Michael Wright
Solos by Jaime Lam, Rachel Haberman

We Go Together
Originally by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey for “Grease”
Arranged by Lily Karian

Originally by Toto
Arranged by Michael Wright
Solo by Samantha Casale

Fix You
Originally by Coldplay
Arranged by Jack Darcey
Solos by Allie McLellan, Trio: Jack Darcey, Rachel Haberman, Leela Wagner

Under Pressure
Originally by Queen, David Bowie
Arranged by Audrey Collins
Solos by Amanda Casale, Jaime Lam, Jack Darcey, Samantha Casale

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